The management team at Fort Washington Corporate Benefit Services includes:

Steven L. Jay

Steven L. Jay is the president of Fort Washington Corporate Benefit Services (formerly Steven L. Jay & Associates). Steven left the field of Public Accounting to be formally trained as a Financial Planner in 1985. Realizing that corporate benefit planning offered the challenge that he was looking for, he decided to specialize in the area more than ten years ago. His clients are constantly telling him that he still thinks like an accountant, just one who works in the employee benefit market place.  His staff often joke that he’d rather be working than at home, and prefers sitting across from a client more than being just about anywhere else.

Robin Margulies

Robin Margulies has been a part of the management team of Fort Washington Corporate Benefit Services since 1998. She began her work with the firm as a Customer Service Manager and is now working as Manager of New Business Submissions and Renewals. Robin also currently holds a Pennsylvania and New Jersey producer license.

Robin has a degree in Special Education and experience working in the field of Mental Health and Mental Retardation.

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